UP’s "incubator" is directed to the evaluation, address, protection, launch and marketing & sales support to the start-up companies and the innovative projects.

The function of "business accelerator" offers support activities to already existing companies, while the innovative projects (for which there is not yet a legal entity) can be directly incubated by UP.


UP’s Incubator function operates to train young entrepreneurs, accelerate the development of innovative companies, create qualified employment and encourage technology transfer starting from universities, high level training institutions and research centers.

UP’s services range from fiscal-administrative assistance to the information technology expertise, until the marketing support necessary for the services / products launch on the market.

North American incubation programs assisted more than 49,000 companies that have created jobs for more than 200,000 employees , generating annual revenues of nearly $15 billion

87% of all start- ups incubated is currently active.

Source: National Business Incubator Association.