UP is part of the current socio-economic and regulatory environments.

At a social level is growing evidence the need of fostering the growth and development of new businesses by young people, students, professionals and established managers.

At a regulatory level, the law by decree “Decreto Crescita” (October 2012) defines the 'Measures for the birth and development of innovative start-up companies, "including among other things exceptions to company law, incentives to investments in innovative start-ups (by companies and privates), the collection of risk capital through online platforms dedicated to innovative start-ups (equity crowdfunding).

In said scenario, UP is providing innovators with supporting tools to raise fund, as well as with management, commercial and technical and scientific skills, necessary for the full success of the entrepreneurial initiatives..

Italy has been the first European Country to establish a legislation pertaining to equity crowdfunding.

CONSOB Regulation provides that a portion of the capital increase (minimum 5%) is reserved for professional investors, certificated incubators and bank foundations. CONSOB’s choice to involve a qualified investor is to motivated by the positive influence that this investment will have on other investors.